Non-Profit Organisation

Non-Profit Organisation

Dear friends of Little Scientists,

I am very proud to inform you that Little Scientists is going to become a non-profit organisation for the promotion of STEM amongst children.

When I founded Little Scientists my vision was to offer science to children from all of different backgrounds and to involve more girls in our project. I tried to keep our the costs of our activities as low as possible but, for many families, the prices were still too high. This meant that many bright children didn’t have the opportunity to discover and explore the amazing world of STEM. I firmly believe that every child deserves the chance to develop their skills in order to shape the future.

I hope, as non-profit organisation, we will be able to find funding to support talented children and empower young girls to get involved in STEM

I will continue working for, and with, Little Scientists and together we will expand the project

Thank you so much for all your support


Little Scientists