Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators
with Free of Charge STEM Activities for Schools.

Little Scientists MINT Kidz project is a three-year initiative aimed at enhancing STEM education in partnership with public schools in Kanton Zurich.

Our mission is to support teachers in introducing STEM subjects to 1st and 2nd cycle classes and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers together.

PROJECT MINT KIDZ: the test phase started in January 2024

The testing phase of the MINT KIDZ project has commenced in January 2024, during each partner’s schools in Kanton Zurich had been provided with complimentary LEGO robotics and coding workshops for their classes.  

A skilled instructor from our team visits the class, equipped with all the essential materials needed for engaging and educational tech activities. Collaborating with the teacher, students will have the opportunity to build, program, and learn through hands-on play.

Class Target: 
  • Kindergarten
  • Unterstufe &  Mittelstufe
  • Lego Robotics
  • Coding
  • German
  • English

Our Workshops

Click below to know more about our LEGO Robotics and Coding programs:

LEGO ROBOTICS: Unleash Creativity Through Building and Coding!

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of LEGO Robotics, where creativity takes shape, and coding transforms into an adventure.

Key Features:

Build LEGO models: Engage in a hands-on experience constructing captivating LEGO models. Explore the Lego WeDo set for beginners or young students, or Lego Spike Prime for advanced learners, featuring a diverse array of projects designed to meet the educational needs of various age groups and skill levels.

Basic to advanced coding concepts: We introduce fundamental coding principles in an interactive setting, progressively advancing the complexity of coding challenges to align with the students’ age and developing skills.

Explore Science Topics: Dive into a multitude of scientific subjects, ranging from the natural world and physics to outer space, engineering, Harry Potter, paleontology, chemistry, and beyond.

Workshop Highlights:

Suggested Duration: Immerse yourself in 2-3 captivating hours.

Equipped Participants: Each child receives their personalized LEGO Education set, accompanied by tablets or laptops. Carefully curated instructions cater to their age and experience.


Explore the world of coding with animated creations and games using block-based languages like ScratchJr or Scratch.

Our Little Scientists-designed workshops are crafted to foster creativity and hands-on learning in kids. Students will take their first steps in programming by solving coding puzzles, creating animations, and enjoying fun games.

Embark on a coding adventure through play!

Block based languages

From simple coding concepts to complicated algorithms

Create Interactive Stories and Animations, Educational Games, Art and Music Projects and much more!


Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours 

Languages: ScratchJr or Scratch 

Lessons are conducted using user-friendly block-based programming languages such as ScratchJr or Scratch. 

No prior experience required.