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STEM education is crucial to the future progression in many careers, but it is not always offered enough in schools.

Support Little Scientists to bring science to children and schools!


In today’s competitive landscape, where attracting talent, bridging the skilled worker gap, and fostering innovation are key, companies can drive meaningful change by fostering young minds.

Join us in cultivating STEM skills in our future generation and witness the transformative power of our educational initiatives. Partner with Little Scientists to invest in young intellects and protect our economic future. Our varied sponsorship options align with your business goals:

  • Mint Kidz Project: Bring free STEM workshops to public schools, widening science accessibility.
  • Student Sponsorship: Support promising students’ learning paths with KulturLegi.
  • Equipment Donation: Provide essential tools for interactive learning experiences.
  • Volunteer Engagement: Let your employees contribute their expertise, enriching community education.

Together, we can integrate science into every child’s learning journey. Contact us to explore impactful collaboration opportunities.


Little Scientists needs your help!

You can volunteer in many different ways:

  • Get involved personally and support us as a volunteer! There are different ways to support our non-profit and our projects on a voluntary basis and dedicate your know-how and working power
  • You have contact to local schools or have children yourself? Become mentor for our STEM projects
  • Do you have a passion for STEM? Register to become a volunteer instructor and support our teachers in running our activities.

Your support is welcome anytime!