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Welcome to Little Scientists, where curiosity sparks discovery and innovation!

As a non-profit organization dedicated to narrowing the gap in science education, we’re passionate about creating an environment that nurtures young minds to explore, learn, and excel in science and technology. Since January 2022, we’ve proudly taken on the role of the official in-country coordinator for the F1 in Schools project in Switzerland.

Our programs, including LEGO Robotics, Coding, and various science subjects, are designed not just to educate but to ignite a passion for STEM in our students. We believe that early interaction with these fields is crucial in preparing children for a future shaped by science and innovation, irrespective of their eventual educational or career paths. Our hope is to be able to kindle the love of STEM in our young students so much so they strive to become the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Our Mission:

At Little Scientists, we hold the belief that every young mind possesses the potential to be an innovator. Our mission is to dismantle barriers and cultivate inclusivity in the ever evolving realms of science and technology. Through interactive programs and a nurturing community, we aim to ignite inspiration, shaping the next generation of diverse STEM leaders.

Our Values: Equality for All

Little Scientists goes beyond being a mere organization.; it stands as a dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Our motivation springs from the conviction that every child, irrespective of gender, social background, or ethnicity, merits equal access to high-quality STEM education. Our mission is rooted in eliminating all barriers, ensuring a level playing field for the flourishing of young talent.

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Our Team:

Dr Scilla Roncallo
Executive Director
Maria Laura Andolfato
Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist
Anastasia Dragan

Our Board:

Luisa Boaretto
Scilla Zischek
Maria Cassa Rohrer
Alessandro Cinelli
Simon Schmidli

Our instructors

All our instructors are either ETH/UZH students in STEM and Computer Science subjects or experienced professionals in the field. We carefully select our collaborators on the basis of their previous experiences teaching children and their ability to communicate and inspire students.

We are always looking for instructors that we can hire as teachers or volunteers to support our activities. If you are interested in working with us please contact us clicking here.

We also hire gymnasium students in the role of teacher assistants, as we believe it is important for students to work face to face with young inspirational role models. We want to show them that science is really for all and that can be a possible career path. In return, our assistants add a significant work experience and gain new skills valuable for their future CVs.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are one of the most valuable assets for our organization. Through their continuing efforts, our project has grown to become the important initiative for children that it is today.

Little Scientists is always on the look out for volunteers. If you’re willing to dedicate some of your time and expertise then we can grow our impact even further.

Contact us to discuss becoming a part of the journey to STEM for all.

Would you like to work with us?

Join our team at Little Scientists! As a non-profit organization, our strength lies in our passionate people, and we’re always eager to welcome new talents onboard. We’re actively seeking instructors to deliver engaging lessons and activities to children during school holidays, weekends, and afternoons. For gymnasium students, we offer the rewarding role of teaching assistants in our holiday camps. The key requirements for these positions are a passion for science and learning, a joy in working with children, and proficiency in either German or English. We provide competitive salaries to match your commitment and expertise. Excited about making a difference?