Corporate STEM Initiatives

At Little Scientists, we can assist your company in promoting STEM initiatives.

We offer STEM Workshops, Future Days, and Holiday Camps that can be conducted at our STEM center or a venue of your choice.

Our activities are customizable to showcase your company and present career opportunities to young individuals.

With prior experience collaborating with international corporates and high-tech companies, we are well-equipped to support your goals.

Feel free to reach out and discover how we can contribute to your mission.

Tailored Events
  • For children of employees or clients
  • Sponsored events with a specific aim and customised curriculum
  • Lego Robotics and Coding
  • Science Experiments
  • German
  • English


Our STEM workshops can be offered as full-day or half-day sessions. We offer a range of themes which could be tailored to your requests.

Each workshop is designed to promote various science subjects to highlight to children the exciting employment opportunities across STEM.

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The holiday camps can be offered for a few days, morning or afternoon or for an entire week.

With our Holiday Camps, Little Scientists provides a fun introduction to the creative world of science and technology.

With enthusiasm, the children build and design their own Lego robots and get involved in fascinating science experiments, engineering challenges and coding activities. The joy of discovery and having fun with new friends are at the centre of all our activities.

Little Scientists can help you to create unforgettable educational experiences for your employees, their children and anyone else you would like to invite to the be part of our activities.