Little Scientists has been chosen as Beneficiary of an AI Event’s Proceeds

Last night, Little Scientists attended a fascinating workshop organized by TechFace and DigitalSwitzerland about the exploration of Artificial Intelligence and the impact it has on our work and society. It was an honor to participate in this event, delving into the intricate relationship between AI and our evolving world.
As advocates association in fostering curiosity and knowledge, we were thrilled to be chosen as the initiative to receive the event’s proceeds.

We extend our gratitude to Priska Burkard and Simon Schmidli for their support.  #TechFae and #DigitalSwitzerland‘s commitment to innovation, education, and inclusivity aligns with our mission. Together, we can forge pathways for knowledge dissemination, bridge gender gaps, and ensure the inclusion of every young mind eager to explore the marvels of science.

Stay curious, stay inspired, and together let’s shape the future 🌈🔍🤖

Little Scientists