Science Themes

Our Science Themes

We want to spark curiosity in the learning process by introducing children to the world of STEM which is why we use the familiarity of LEGO Robotics educational sets combined with simple coding tools and apps and other hands-on STEM equipment to teach science and engineering fundamentals.

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Turn Muggles into Wizards with our Harry Potter Science Club!

We explore the magic spells from the world of Harry Potter to teach our students the science behind the magic: build circuits to cast Lumos and Nox, use static electricity to cast Wingardium Leviosa, attend Potion Classes, send magical messages in glowing invisible ink, blow up a balloon with Engorgio, brew up some magnetic Troll Bogey slime and much more…..

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Do you want to discover all the secrets of speed? Join us in our new, exciting Aerodynamics Club!!!

Our students will learn about  friction, air resistance, gravity and air pressure. 
They will apply this learning to demonstrate how these forces impact the performance of a racing car.  Building their own simple race cars, the learning will be applied to their own designs to be tested on the track tested against the designs of the other students to find the fastest car.

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Will our little detectives be able to solve mystery cases using scientific methods? Chromatography, fingerprinting and powder analysis are some of the techniques our detectivities will learn to use during the forensic club.

Our detectives are tasked with solving a mystery! Throughout the course of the 5 classes, they will eliminate suspects using science in order to reveal the culprit.

The CSI Forensic clubs is designed not only to enhance scientific knowledge but also provide an extension to the maths, literacy, physics and life skills curricula.

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Outer Space Club

Which child doesn't dream about being an astronaut one day and visiting the planets?

All future astronauts and rocket scientists will love fun space activities.

Build a satellite, some galaxy slime or a cute alien space ship, learn about moon phases and much more…..

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Our Robotics Club allows children to explore their creativity while learning about fundamental principles of mechanics and electronics and basic programming.

This club is suitable for children from 1st to 6th class.

Students will explore the science behind electricity, simple circuit design, the engineering of moving machines, the maths of voltage calculations, and much more

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The Innovation Station: Engineering Clubs offers the children the chance to learn about engineering and gain experience with practical challenges.

The sessions include a progressive teaching element followed by hands-on application of the concepts as children investigate, create, and solve a STEM-based challenge using their newly learned skills and ingenuity.

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The paleontology club is where science, maths, and literacy activities combine with a dinosaur theme: excavation, identifying fossils, and making bones with a lot of learning and fun!

Our paleontologists will love taking Jurassic journeys to explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and other fossilized friends all while learning about the science behind finding dinosaurs.

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The Famous Scientists Club will inspire and encourage our little scientists to do big things!

Children will learn about many amazing famous scientists who have helped make the world what it is today.  With activities and simplified experiments inspired by their breakthroughs, we aim to help our students to understand how these discoveries changed the world.

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Throughout history and across the globe, there have been many great women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). From the first computer to medical breakthroughs, women in STEM have changed the world.

Here at Little Scientists, we have selected some of our favourite female scientists and with activities and simplified experiments inspired by their breakthroughs,  we aim to help our students to understand how these discoveries changed the world.

This club is suitable for children from 1st to 6th class.

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STEM + Art  = STEAM!

When children combine STEM and art, they can really explore their creative side from painting to sculptures! Our weekly STEAM Club incorporates art and science for a truly fun learning experience.

This club is suitable for children from 1st to 6th class.

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Introducing “Simple Science Experiments for Children” – an exciting STEM project designed to ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning in young minds!

Through these hands-on experiments, children will embark on a captivating journey, discovering the fundamentals of chemistry, physics, and natural science. They’ll witness the mesmerizing fizz of baking soda and vinegar, explore the peculiar behavior of non-Newtonian substances like oobleck, observe the transformations between solid, liquid, and gas in states of matter, and much more. Each activity is thoughtfully designed to be accessible, engaging, and educational, making it the perfect first step for young learners. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and let your child’s curiosity take flight with “Simple Science Experiments for Children”!