From January 2023, Little Scientists starts a collaboration with CoetryLab in order to offer a series of STEM-based activities accessible to the local community in a brand-new hub.

The STEM centre, located near Bahnhof Hardbrücke in Zurich, is a modern lab consisting of a working area, a making space, an "idea place" with sofas, armchairs and whiteboards, a presentation stage, a small library with inspiring illustrated books on various topics, a kitchen area, and 2 workplaces for teaching staff. The STEM centre is equipped by CoetryLab and Little Scientists with computers, laptops, tablets, a 3D printer, cutting plotter, LEGO Education sets, coding robots, STEM tools for science experiments and engineering challenges. The centre is an ideal location from which we can offer different STEM activities, organizing lessons, workshops, holiday camps and educational events of various types.

home - science for kids Zürich
STEM-CENTER (Little Scientists and CoetryLab), 1st Floor. The entrance to the number 201 is on the building side
  • Hohlstrasse 201, 8004 Zürich



As Little Scientists we offer our activities also in other locations around Kanton Zurich. Our goal is to make the exciting world of science accessible to children and bring them closer to its wonders. By extending our reach beyond the STEM center, we aim to provide convenient opportunities for children in different areas to engage with hands-on experiments, engaging activities and and countless opportunities for learning and fun.

If you are interested in learning more about the events and activities taking place at our other locations, simply visit our website and select the “Other Locations” option in the header menu. There, you will find detailed information about the upcoming events, schedules, and how to participate. We encourage you to explore these additional options and discover the wonders of science in a location near you.