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After School Clubs
Weekly classes
Our afterschool clubs offer exciting hands-on STEM activities for children from kindergarten to 6 class! With different topics throughout the year across LEGO Robotics, Programming, Science Experiments, Engineering Challenges and much more, there is something for everyone! Our clubs run once a week during the school term time.
Weekend Workshops
Saturday and Sunday Workshops
Join Us Every Weekend for Fun STEM/MINT Workshops.
What we offer?
Morning: 2 hours Lego robotics for children aged 5 to 7
Afternoon: 2 hours LEGO Robotics for children aged 8 to 14 and 1 hour science experiments for children aged 8 to 14
Holiday Camps
During the school holidays.
Learning doesn't have to end when school's out! Our camps are the perfect way to keep kids learning throughout the holiday breaks.
5 days full of fantastic experiments, robotic creations, development of video games or animations and lots of fun discovering science.
For whom: children aged 5 to 12
Workshops for Kindergartens and Schools
For Schools
Science, robotics and coding themed workshops made for kindergarten and primary schools classes offered at our STEM centre.
Workshops and Holiday Camps for Businesses
Bespoke Camps and Workshops
Workshops and Holiday camps developed with you for the children of your staff and offered on site or at our STEM Centre
STEM Training
For Teachers and Educators
We offer training sessions to support teachers and educators in offering sustainable solutions to STEM education within your school
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