F1® in Schools Clubs

The F1® in Schools Clubs gives an opportunity to introduce STEM learning at an early age in a fun and exciting way. This innovative project also gives an ideal introduction to the F1 in Schools Primary Class – the first step on the F1 in Schools ladder.<\p>

This is a unique hands-on approach to understand STEM principles involved including research, design, manufacture, development and on-track performance. By working individually, in pairs or as a team, students can develop their talents to design, make, test a model car and then race their finished models on a 10 metre track.

Little Scientist organises F1® in Schools Clubs in Schools, FiZ, Gemeindezentrum or private properties once a week for one 1 h or 1h and 1/2. It will provide instructors, equipment and tools to run the clubs.

Our Clubs are open to primary students aged 9 to 12.

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